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MTI clinches International Tea Strategy assignment in Kenya

One of Kenya’s fastest growing niche tea brands, APT Commodities has  signed up MTI Consulting to further strengthen their internationalization process– as part of the company’s aggressive growth strategy.  The project will also have a M&A competent,   that focuses on identifying an international tea company as a strategic investor to work with APT in reaching new markets.
APT Commodities Limited is a fully owned Kenyan tea trading company with an international outreach in markets such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Egypt. The company houses several brands such as Jambo, Hassan (in the Black CTC segment) Sinbad (in the Orthodox segment) and Equator (in the Green Tea segment).  APT is a member of the Tea Directorate and East Africa Tea Trade association.
“The time has come for APT to incubate new ideas and partners in order to stay relevant in this volatile geo political market. Our early success in international markets has inspired to pursue a deeper penetration of interna…

MTI idea2fund’s Bakamuna featured at AOD’s Design Sense

Chief Bakamuna/ CEO, Rochelle Bibile presented a design talk at AOD’s Design Sense on the 10th of September at the AOD International Design Campus.  Bakamuna is a mixed media lifestyle design brand powered by MTI’s idea2fund which aims to create, connect, and collaborate with businesses to add value through design.
Design Sense was a public event hosted by AOD, a design campus offering world renowned design degrees from UK's Northumbria University School of Design. The event took place on the 9th and 10th of September at AOD. The open house was a weekend of Creative Intel and included a range of specially curated activities such as design talks, video screenings, workshops, mini exhibitions, design studio sessions, one-on-ones with design experts, career counselling and more. 
Rochelle Bibile shared Bakamuna’s experience on conceptualizing and creating the production artwork for Theatre Junction’s contemporary musical ‘Cinderella’. She addressed the importance of visual communicatio…

CIC’s Rs. 2 billion Agri-Investment to boost Sri Lanka’s economy

Meanwhile the Group is rationalizing some of its legacy operations
Sri Lanka’s long-standing leader in agriculture – the CIC Group – has elevated the country’s agriculture sector via futuristic investments amounting to over Rs. 2 billion, which are now infusing state-of-the-art technology into the industry, thereby making an enduring impact on the livelihoods of farmers.
Cropwiz, one of the country’s largest agriculture project to be resilient to seasonal weather patterns, is one such futuristic investment, which indicates the potential for protected agriculture at a time during which changing weather patterns are wreaking havoc on the country’s agriculture and food production. The project, with an investment of approximately Rs. 1 billion – is an international Joint Venture and employs cutting-edge greenhouse technology which enables ‘climate smart,’ year-round production, mitigating impact of climate change.
The project employs automated climate control and fertigation systems, as …