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RDB launches Strategic planning process with MTI

MTI Consulting initiated the five year Strategic Planning process for the Regional Development Bank (RDB), the largest development bank in Sri Lanka, with an interactive kick-off workshop session recently. This is the first of a series of consulting workshops in which MTI consultants guide and empower the bank’s team to participate in the Strategic Planning process and realize the Strategic Plan. The participants for the workshop represented a cross-section of the Bank, from business units to functional units from all regions. The objective of this full day workshop was to introduce the planning process for the development of the proposed five year Corporate Plan (2016 to 2020) At the commencement of the workshop, RDB Chairman Mr. Prasanna Premaratne addressed the participants and highlighted that RDB has more opportunities to tap into the rural sector development in Sri Lanka. MTI CEO, Mr. Hilmy Cader emphasized that for the strategic planning process using MTI’s 8S® model to be succes…

Look beyond the export headlines - MTI

MTI Consulting, based on their experience and thought leadership work in international trade strategizing,  have highlighted important export policy and governance issues that Sri Lanka should address. What is the bottom-line on exports? Sri Lanka’s measurement of exports is entirely based on revenue (essentially top-line) and does not measure the degree of value addition that would help determine export profitability to the country, as this is what Sri Lanka will eventually benefit from.  For instance, in the case of tea bags, the bagging machine, energy, paper, printing machines, printing inks and additional freight are mostly imported. With apparel too, there is a high import-input component.  Therefore, the focus needs to be on the net value-addition and not just the top-line.  Having a consistent national formula for sector-wise value-addition would help Sri Lanka to make more effective policy decisions. The export sectors must be told how much ‘value-addition’ they have created fo…

Forget Marketing, focus on Value Creation - MTI CEO

Delivering the key note speech at the CIM Future Marketer’s Conference , MTI Consulting CEO, Hilmy Cader inaugurated the session with two hard-hitting questions of whether there are sufficient marketers as CEOs and is marketing the most respected function. After the ‘target audience’ agreed that neither one of the questions can be answered satisfactorily, he continued to discourse the importance of ‘value creation’ by the marketers, since the profession is misunderstood and the scope is not appreciated.  His presentation was themed “Forget Marketing – Focus on Cross-Functional Value Creation, Drawing from his consulting experience, he emphasized on how marketing in many scenarios had failed to produce or effectively convey the business value creation made by marketing and that marketing was largely high on ‘silo impact.’ This established the game plan for the session which was to drive the thinking, in order to achieve career progression and respect for the future marketers. He also hi…