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Bangladesh’s top conglomerate strategizes with MTI advisory

The  Rahimafrooz Group, one Bangladesh’s top business groups, have retained MTI’s Advisory services to work along and outline strategic initiatives to ensure overall organizational operational excellence. The purpose of this consulting initiative was to interact with RDL’s top management and senior management going to the level of doers and executionist to understand and appreciate the modus operandi in greater detail. This in turn enabled MTI to review and analyze critically the current processes, structure and systems of RDL with respect to the current and future strategic direction for RDL and accordingly design and recommend efficiencies and improvements to transform RDL into a Vibrant Organization with Performance and Operational Excellence at all levels. A cross-border MTI team of consultants and analysts has worked for this project to make it happen headed by MTIs Bahrain based CEO, Hilmy Cader, who was in Dhaka to launch MTIs recommendation to the top management of RDL and th…

MTI Idea2fund’s Bakamuna : Creative Partner at "The Artist in Me"

Following the success of two mixed media art workshops conducted by Bakamuna for students of the Learning Support Unit of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda,  the unique and creative artwork was showcased at ‘The Artist in Me’.  An exhibition that was recently held at Lyceum International School to celebrate the artistic talents of children with learning difficulties. The aim of the exhibition was to highlight the hidden talents of children who struggle to succeed in a standard classroom environment, through various forms of art, such as painting, sketching, photography and craft. In addition to Bakamuna, the Learning Support Unit is also grateful to their other sponsors AOD Colombo (Principal Sponsor), Yamaha Music Centre (Gold Sponsor), Emergence Education (Silver Sponsor) and Link Naturals (Bronze Sponsor). As the Creative Partner of the event, Bakamuna conducted two mixed media workshops that encouraged the students to use a range of materials to create self-portraits. The stu…

MTI enabled strategy for USA’s Limoneira published as a case study

A global expansion strategy carried out by MTI Consulting on behalf of Limoneira, the Nasdaq listed and USA’s largest lemon producer has become an international business case study. Titled ‘Making lemonade from lemons: The role of client – consultant knowledge as the Limoneira Company goes global,’ the case study by Jason Cordier and Tahir Hameed has been included in ‘Management Consultancy Insights and Real Consultancy Projects’ published by Routledge. It illustrates how social capital and strong inter-personal skills and relationships positively influenced consultant and client learning, thereby influencing an array of project outcomes.
“At the end of the MTI project we decided to go-to-market directly with our lemon business utilizing our vertically integrated supply chain and the Limoneira brand.  Looking back we are extremely pleased with that decision which has paid off significantly as reflected in our business performance and financial results.  MTI played a pivotal role in this…