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MTI and Hilton to Enable Business Journalism

MTI Consulting and the Colombo Hilton have teamed up in a pioneering initiative to improve business journalism in Sri Lanka, with the launch of the MTI-Hilton Business Journalism Forum. This will be a monthly thought leadership forum at which MTI will be discussing, challenging and engaging the Sri Lankan business journalist on a diverse range of business management challenges and opportunities that Sri Lanka will be encountering on its economic growth journey. "Sri Lanka is experiencing an unprecedented economic growth phase, which is translating into business opportunities as well as challenges. Being at the heart of this growth story, we in the hospitality industry, we felt that Hilton needs to support this much needed initiative to improve our standards of business journalism in Sri Lanka" said Mr. Manesh Fernando, the GM of the Colombo Hilton. "With hands-on consulting experience and thought leadership work in over 40 countries and across a diverse range of industrie…

MTI Banking Forum on 29th April at JAIC Hilton