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People’s Bank to implement MTI-enabled HRM Framework

N. Vasantha Kumar - Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Hilmy Cader – CEO MTI Consulting with S. A. R. S. Samaraweera – Deputy General Manager of HR and Rajika Sangakkara - MTI’s Project Engagement Lead. People’s Bank is set to execute a Scientific Capacity Planning Study linked to Career and Succession Planning and a Two Way Performance Appraisals Mechanism, which was facilitated by MTI Consulting with the main objective of realigning the HR systems and appraisal process of the bank. Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of People’s Bank, N. Vasantha Kumar stated: “MTI worked closely with People’s Bank in developing the Strategic Plan in 2015, and are very acquainted with the challenges faced by the Bank and its employees, relating in particular to customer service quality and human resources management. The intended study is a result of the outcome of the Bank’s Strategic Plan, which will lead to the implementation of two of the most important Strategic Initiatives i…

Tough times? ‘Trim & Fit’ or ‘Chop & Cripple’?: MTI

The Sri Lankan economy, after a period of post-war growth, is showing signs of cooling down. The depreciating rupee and recent fuel price hikes and its ‘snowballing’ effect on cost of living is bound to impact consumer sentiment and spending, business investments and the demand for credit. The natural tendency of many businesses would be to start cutting costs and freeze development initiatives.
Research and MTI’s international experience, clearly shows that, the way in which companies respond to tough times, is what separates the ‘living’ from the ‘departed’. Most organisations tend to indiscriminately cut costs, freeze all forms of developmental work and adopt a ‘wait & see’ approach. We call them the ‘Chop & Cripple’ companies.

By contrast, the Smarter Companies (we call them ‘Trim & Fit’ companies), while being prudently cautious, uses the crisis period as an opportunity to critically evaluate every aspect of its Strategy, Structure, Staff and Systems, challenging eve…

MTI in Addis Ababa to strengthen ties with Ethiopian Associate

The MTI International Team led by CEO Hilmy Cader and Consultant Darshan Singh are currently in Addis Ababa, as part of an initiative to strengthen ties with BCaD Consulting, MTI’s Associate in the second most populous African country.

Commenting on the significance of the visit, MTI CEO Hilmy Cader said, “Our international go-to-market business model has been to work with boutique independent consultants in these emerging and frontier market. With a population of 105 million people and an economy growing in excess of 9%, Ethiopia is geographically well-positioned to serve the fast growing East African region. Our experience in frontier markets gives us an edge in serving the public and private sectors in Ethiopia.”

MTI Consulting has worked on assignments across emerging and frontier markets in Asian, Middle East and African regions, which include projects carried for multi-national and regional companies and agencies in Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordon, Iran,…