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Build or buy brands, not promote Ceylon Tea - MTI

The promotional funds for the tea industry comes from the CESS that is collected from the tea exporters. A significant part of this was spent in the last 2 years on sponsoring the Sri Lanka Cricket Team and now the decision to launch a global advertising campaign. Both these strategic decisions needs objective challenging and evaluation against strategic alternatives.  If you are Sri Lanka Tourism, do promote the country – because the customer first decides on the country and then the hotel. If you are Intel, do promote the ‘ functional ingredient’ because that influences the PC you buy, besides Intel has very deep pockets.  But, not if you are ‘Ceylon Tea’ because: The Customer first decides on the brand, in some cases the Retailer, not what’s inside the pack of tea. Against this backdrop, the proposed promotional campaign is the telling Customer (be it London, Moscow or Tehran) to walk into a Supermarket and insist on a brand that will have ‘Ceylon Tea Inside’ and then expect the supe…

People’s Bank unveils MTI-enabled strategic plan for future growth

The management of People’s Bank recently presented its five-year strategic plan for future growth to over 1,000 head office and branch network professionals, from different levels of the organisation. The plan ‘SP 16/20’ was formulated by MTI Consultants, in close collaboration with the staff of People’s Bank. The plan is based on MTI’s internationally acclaimed 8S Model and outlines key strategic initiatives that will help People’s Bank achieve its 2020 profitability targets and secure its position as the undisputed market leader in the financial services sector. Over the next five years, People’s Bank will continue to remain dedicated to empowering the people of Sri Lanka and as part of its mission the bank will continue to serve and meet the needs of its stakeholders including customers, owners, employees and society at large. At the presentation ceremony, MTI Consultants CEO Hilmy Cader officially handed over the first copy of ‘SP 16/20’ to People’s Bank Chairman Hemasiri Fernand…

Develop the Pola Markets before Capital Markets - MTI

In a developing country where a significant proposition of population rely on ultra-small businesses for livelihood, governments should invest more ‘energy’ and funds on developing the small business infrastructure Vs. getting distracted by the glamour of capital markets. The message should equally resonate to the chambers and business leaders. Take tea as an example, there are over 400,000 small holders (who are also voters!), who, as we speak are in a desperate situation. The government’s decision to play the ‘buyers role’ is only a very temporary ‘pain killer’.   Similarly, there are over 350,000 ultra-small shop keepers and another 500,000 + who rely on the pavements, polas and walking around to earn a living. This is the base of the economy and if this is fundamentally strengthened, it will permeate upwards and eventually strengthen capital markets Vs. developing capital markets and hoping it will trickle down to the these grassroots.  Even in mature economics like the US and Au…