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Analytical Instruments implements MTI-enabled Strategizing

Analytical Instruments (AIPL), Sri Lanka’s market leader for latest technologies & products in the laboratory industry,  recently concluded their strategic planning exercise with MTI. The project which was initiated in July last year consisted of a series of clinical workshops and consulting sessions which has ultimately led to the mapping of the long term strategic direction of AIPL. The strategic plan was enabled by applying MTI’s 8S® Strategizing Model, which took the systematic approach of initially identifying the scope, scan and sights of AIPL. Using the boundaries drawn in the scope, the strengths and weaknesses in the internal and external scan and the vision in the sights, MTI with the engagement of the senior management & directors of AIPL was able to align AIPL’S strategy, structure, staff, social responsibility and systems accordingly. With a strong emphasis placed on bias-for-action, each strategic initiative identified in the strat-plan, no matter how grandiose and…

MTI’s India Country Rep in Lanka for market-entry solutions

MTI’s India Country Representative and member of the MTI Sri Lankan Board, Mr. Subash Bidare is to visit Sri Lanka on the 23rd of June, 2015 for a week long roadshow with top corporates to explore the market entry solutions to India.  The purpose behind his visit is to help Sri Lankan corporates take that leap across the Indian Ocean. And he intends to do so by demonstrating that the leap required is less daunting when broken down into basic steps. First understanding the potential of the Indian market for the Sri Lankan corporates / their products & services is important. Followed by envisaging and developing a clinical market entry strategy and implementing these strategies is the essence of making a successful entry to India. “India is a large market not just of consumers, but also a market of vendors, suppliers, support services and talent. Therefore there is no shortage of opportunities. However India can be seen as difficult with its myriad laws and regulations changing from s…

Epic charts strategic direction with MTI

Sri Lanka’s leading technology provider in secure payment automation and information systems security solutions, Epic Lanka has commenced implementing their strategic directional plan that was developed in conjunction with MTI Consulting. The project comprised of in-depth industry research and client interactions in order to map out Epic's strategic direction and 2020 vision. During the last 17 years, Epic has experienced immense business growth in its business size, customer & project profile, staff strength and office environment. Riding on this successful growth and yearning to continually improve past performance, Epic has prudently realized the need to develop strategies that will be immediately implemented in order to deal with the dynamic environment and technology domain that they operate in. MTI adopted the MTI 8S Model for this exercise, where significant time was spent scanning Epic’s internal and external environment. By doing so, the ‘big picture’ challenges and opp…