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Ethnic conflicts – root cause?

The root cause of most ethnic conflicts is the lack of integration. We are all born innocent. Thereon our families, our schools and the wider society shapes our values, our thinking, that then drives our actions. 

Early on in life if we learn to appreciate diversity and if we learn to respect each other’s religions and cultures, peaceful cohabitation is possible. Our schooling environment plays a major role in shaping us and builds lifelong friendships. This is where integration needs to start. 

But how can this happen in a society where schooling is increasingly discriminated along religious lines?  How can this happen when political parties are formed on racial divides?

The solution, which looks increasingly utopian, lies in enactments (constitutional changes), enforcements and enlightenment.

Wishfully thinking we had a ‘bot’ (not our politicians) to fix this!

Businesses must respond to climate change: Carbon Consulting

Carbon Consulting, one of South Asia’s leading sustainability consultants (with MTI as a strategic equity partner), has urged Sri Lankan businesses to take a more scientific and proactive response to Climate change, stating that “businesses must make it their business to respond to climate change”

These comments were made by Carbon Consulting’s Suraj Vanniarachchy as he presented his paper at International Conference on Climate Change hosted by the University of Colombo in collaboration with Colorado State University, the Climate Change Secretariat, the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, and the International Institute of Knowledge Management.

The Conference witnessed the participation of more than 100 participants representing more than 20 countries across the world. The countries included  Sri Lanka, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Iran, Australia, Japan, Turk…

Bakamuna’s lifestyle retailing ambitions start with pop-up stores

Incubated and mentored by MTI’s idea2fundThe MTI idea2fund venture of Bakamuna is currently planning a spin-off chain of BKM (Bakamuna) pop-up stores – which will be a locally owned and operated franchise. The intent would be start with an few experimental store in store concept stores – in high traffic lifestyle environments and then gradually expand the concept.

Bakamuna’s multidimensional contemporary art mixes both digital and non-digital mediums combining multiple artistic media such as ink and pastel, or painting and collage to create lively and unique illustrations inspired by indigenous cultures around the world, the natural environment, and elements of music.

Bakamuna’s mantra consists of three Cs; with the aim to Create innovative and unique mixed art illustrations, Connect with the audience to help them express themselves through art and design, and Collaborate with the community to celebrate life through art.

“Art and design have always been my passion. This passion kindled t…

Opportune moment for ground-zero restructure of Cabinet: MTI

Calls for needs-based scientific approach that will cascade to remaining state organisations

If local media outlets are anything to go by, the suggestion of radically restructuring the Cabinet is a welcome move and the nation hopes that this will not be just another outburst in a euphoric moment! 

Structuring any organisation, irrespective of size and type, needs to be aligned to the purpose, direction and strategy of the organisation. This needs a very scientific approach, using purpose-specific structuring frameworks and an inclusive process of facilitating stakeholder involvement. 

If this process is entirely left to politicians (whose only entry qualification is the popular vote, while few of them may have specific managerial and technical competencies), then it tends to be driven by political motives and not by what is in the best interest of the people of a country.  
In this feature article, MTI shares some of the extensive thought leadership research done by it in the last two ye…

idea2fund finalist pitch to MTI’s CEO

In collaboration with CHEC Port City Colombo - to identify and groom  emerging Sri Lankan entrepreneursThe 3rd wave of MTI’s ‘idea2fund’ successfully completed stage three pitch presentations on the 21st of March at the Hilton Colombo. ‘idea2fund’ is a venture challenge platform powered by MTI Corporate Finance for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch venture ideas, connect with potential investors and receive consulting advisory and implementation support through MTI Consulting.
The 7 shortlisted Sri Lankan start-ups from the second round presented their ideas to MTI Consulting CEO Hilmy Cader. Each presentation was evaluated on several aspects such as validity, size of the opportunity and commercial viability of the concept. Based on the overall evaluation and fine tuning of the start-up concepts, the final shortlisted entrepreneurs will proceed to the ‘Investor Linking Stage’.
“We have seen the drive, passion and potential in the ideas presented and we are looking forward to select the mo…

De Saram and MTI set up JV for legal outsourcing

Say Sri Lanka well-positioned to be LPO destination
F.J. & G. de Saram, Sri Lanka’s leading corporate and commercial law firm founded over 175 years ago, and MTI Consulting have set up a joint venture called Legal Source which offers legal process outsourcing services to international and local clients. 

The services offered include Contract Management, Legal Research, Legal Support Services and Intellectual Property Documentation. “Understanding the timely need for customised legal outsourcing solutions, we are excited to launch Legal Source in partnership with MTI Consulting. Our years of expertise in handling legal matters combined with MTI’s experience in strategy and market research will ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of service while ensuring value for money,” said Shehara Varia, Partner at F.J. & G. de Saram and Director of Legal Source.

Commenting on the venture, MTI CEO Hilmy Cader said: “Today any business, be it a start-up or a multinational, has …