MTI in Kathmandu to strengthen ties with Nepal’s NBSM

The MTI International team led by CEO Hilmy Cader, is currently in Kathmandu as part of its initiatives to strengthen ties with NBSM Consulting, MTI’s associate in Nepal.

Commenting on the significance of the visit, MTI CEO Hilmy Cader said, “We have always looked forward to working with boutique consultants across emerging markets. Our association with NBSM Consulting gives us the right opportunity to set footprints in Nepal. With a population of 29 million people and an economy growing at over 6%, Nepal is Strategically located between two large and rapidly growing economies - China and India – with easy access to markets of more than 2.8 billion people. Our experience in the South Asian markets gives us an edge in serving the public and private sectors in Nepal.”

MTI Consulting has worked on assignments across emerging and frontier markets in Asian, Middle East and African regions, which include projects carried for multi-national and regional companies and agencies in Algeria, …

Carbon Consulting Company showcases water neutrality at Asia Pacific Climate Week, Singapore

Leading the global discussion on climate change this week, Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne, CEO of the Carbon Consulting Company (of which MTI Consulting is a Strategic Equity Partner), was invited to speak at the Asia Pacific Climate Week (APCW2018) hosted across three days in Singapore. The event was held under the leadership of the UNFCC, and sponsored by The World Bank Group and the ADB. The theme for APCW2018 was ‘Climate Action for Sustainable Development: Driving Change in Asia Pacific’ which focuses on market-based approaches, economic instruments and climate-aligned finance to drive investment in climate action.

Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) was chosen to showcase its work in helping achieve water neutrality for one of the world’s leading garment manufacturers – Linea Aqua – which became the first garment factory in the world to achieve corporate water neutrality.

“It is an honour to be invited to speak at such a prestigious international summit,” says CCC CEO Sanith de S. Wijeyer…

MTI’s Smart Office Environment & Culture drives peak performance

Since the company’s inception in 1997, MTI Consulting had conceptualized and continuously improved their concept of a ‘Smart Office’. This was taken a notch higher when MTI recently moved into its new Smart Office at the Aitken Spence Towers at Vauxhall Street.

For the first time, MTI has ‘open sourced’ their concept of a Smart Office, why it is needed and how it is lived on a day-to-day basis. The essence of the Smart Office concept is captured by 11 principles. However these principles do not stand alone and must be applied in synergy to create the optimal environment for focused thinking which is the foundation of any knowledge based enterprise.

True Value of focused, quality thinking based value-addition
In the modern workplace distractions are more abundant than ever before, whether it be our phone, emails or even a chatty coworker. Simultaneously as more routine tasks are being automated the value of focused thinking required to solve complex problems is greater than ever before…

MTI in Colorado and London for Teatulia’s Global Strategising

Teatulia, the USA and UK based fast growing organic tea brand has developed its strategic direction with MTI Consulting. Teatulia is the international organic tea brand of leading Bangladeshi conglomerate Gemcon Group.

At the final presentation held in Denver, Colorado, President of Teatulia and Director of Gemcon Group Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed stated, “We have been working with MTI Consulting for the last 15 years and as always, we are very pleased with the outcome of this project. Organic tea is one of the fastest growing food and beverage market segments in the world. In order to capitalise on the increasing opportunities, we have sought MTI’s expertise and advisory.”

MTI CEO Hilmy Cader added, “Teatulia Organic Tea is a main focus area for the shareholders, given its unique value proposition and the appeal to a niche but growing customer base in the Western world. Through this project, MTI assisted Teatulia’s senior management to identify the key growth markets and opportunities and fac…

Bakamuna completes successful launch of pop-up

Bakamuna, a mixed media lifestyle design brand, enabled by MTI’s idea2fund has successfully completed a nine-day run of its pop-up at The Hilton Colombo. The brand’s first ever pop-up, a repurposed bullock cart that carried a range of lifestyle products such as homeware, stationery and accessories was stationed at the Hilton Colombo from 23 June till 1 July.

The traditional mode of transportation was given a modern vibe with the use of contemporary design elements and was used to showcase a range of products that had been created through mixed media design. The overall footfall generated by the pop-up was noticeably greater each day and it proved to be a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. This store concept enables Bakamuna to easily take their mobile shopping experience to different locations.

“Bakamuna had the amazing opportunity to interact with our local and international community on a more personal level and we were so happy to be able connect with all those who came…

Lazard Asia, MTI Consulting to be appointed transaction advisor to sell Hilton and Grand Hyatt hotel

The National Policies and Economic Affairs Ministry has announced that the Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee has recommended Lazard Asia Ltd., Singapore in association with MTI Consulting to be awarded the contract to act as an international transaction advisor for the sale of State-owned Hilton and Grand Hyatt Hotels.

The Public Enterprise Development Ministry called for Request for Proposals (RFPs) on 5 January to act as adviser to seek suitable investors for the purchase of Government ownership in Hilton Colombo and Grand Hyatt Colombo.

National Policies and Economic Affairs Ministry in its website said: “We are pleased to inform you that the Cabinet Appointed Consultant Procurement Committee has recommended Lazard Asia Ltd. of Singapore in association with MTI Consulting to be awarded the contract.

They will act as an international transaction advisor for the sale of Government ownership in Hilton and Grand Hyatt Hotels.”

The appointed transaction advisor is expected to advise…

Preventive justice

BE it the tampering of a cricket ball, clubbing a leopard to death or the daylight robbery of a jewelry shop – they must all be unconditionally condemned and the culprits punished. But equally important is to do some deep psyche research as to what drove them to do this. While those who committed the crime need to held responsible, how much of this is influenced by society? How do we shape society in manner that we minimise the drive for people to commit such crimes?