MTI idea2fund’s Bakamuna featured at AOD’s Design Sense

Chief Bakamuna/ CEO, Rochelle Bibile presented a design talk at AOD’s Design Sense on the 10th of September at the AOD International Design Campus.  Bakamuna is a mixed media lifestyle design brand powered by MTI’s idea2fund which aims to create, connect, and collaborate with businesses to add value through design.
Design Sense was a public event hosted by AOD, a design campus offering world renowned design degrees from UK's Northumbria University School of Design. The event took place on the 9th and 10th of September at AOD. The open house was a weekend of Creative Intel and included a range of specially curated activities such as design talks, video screenings, workshops, mini exhibitions, design studio sessions, one-on-ones with design experts, career counselling and more. 
Rochelle Bibile shared Bakamuna’s experience on conceptualizing and creating the production artwork for Theatre Junction’s contemporary musical ‘Cinderella’. She addressed the importance of visual communicatio…

CIC’s Rs. 2 billion Agri-Investment to boost Sri Lanka’s economy

Meanwhile the Group is rationalizing some of its legacy operations
Sri Lanka’s long-standing leader in agriculture – the CIC Group – has elevated the country’s agriculture sector via futuristic investments amounting to over Rs. 2 billion, which are now infusing state-of-the-art technology into the industry, thereby making an enduring impact on the livelihoods of farmers.
Cropwiz, one of the country’s largest agriculture project to be resilient to seasonal weather patterns, is one such futuristic investment, which indicates the potential for protected agriculture at a time during which changing weather patterns are wreaking havoc on the country’s agriculture and food production. The project, with an investment of approximately Rs. 1 billion – is an international Joint Venture and employs cutting-edge greenhouse technology which enables ‘climate smart,’ year-round production, mitigating impact of climate change.
The project employs automated climate control and fertigation systems, as …

Gulf Insurance Group retains MTI for Strategizing

Gulf Insurance Group (GIG), which is owned by Kuwait-based KIPCO and Canada-based Fairfax Financial Holdings , has recently concluded their 2016 Strategizing Exercise for Bahrain Kuwait Insurance  (BKIC) subsidiary.
“The senior management team of BKIC-GIG  were actively involved in this strategically critical exercise, which included a detailed review of the regional insurance market challenges and opportunities” said Mr. Ebrahim Al-Rayes, the CEO of BKIC
 BKIC was the first insurance company in Bahrain to have been interactively rated by an independent international rating agency and currently enjoys A- (Excellent) rating of A M Best. The company has grown to become the market leader in the Insurance Industry in Bahrain since the year 2008 in terms of gross premium and net profits.
 The GIG companies currently operate in Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.  BKIC is among the founders of United Insurance Company  and Gulf Assist – Bahrain. In 2015, it acquired 41% of Tak…

MTI retained for Golf assignments in UK and Spain

MTI Consulting led by Darshan Singh (Senior HRM Consultant – MTI Middle East & Europe) has successfully facilitated in Spain and United Kingdom, on the Management Development Program for the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE).
In these challenging economic times Club Managers are under greater pressure than ever from their committees, owners and members to create and implement business strategies that guarantee the continued success of their clubs.
The Program focuses on strategic and business planning, performance and service standards and the professional and communication skills to develop every aspect of both the individual Club Manager’s performance and that of their club. This Program is also endorsed by the Club Managers Association of America as part of the educational pathway to the Certified Club Manager (CCM) qualification.
Michael Braidwood, Director of Education for the CMAE, said” we are delighted to have MTI’s Darshan Singh as one our lead presenters on the pro…

MTI highlights economic reality of lankans working abroad

There have been calls to ban Sri Lankan maids from going abroad. Emotionally, this is understandable, but logically and realistically consider the following as well: • We have 1.7 million Sri Lankans working abroad, remitting over $ 6.5 B and there about five million people (25% of our population) who depend on this. Also, it is this inflow that is helping to pay for the imports (the cars we drive in Colombo) and to ‘hold’ our currency at least where it is today. • The $ 6.5 B that these expat Sri Lankans remit is about four times what we earn from tea, 50% higher than what we earn from apparel (with relatively low value addition) • Most of the lower-end blue collar domestic helpers go for such jobs out of economic desperation. If not why would someone leave your family behind for two years and go abroad for job that pays you as little as $ 250 a month? We can all talk of morals and principals but I guess we have no clue of what it is to be in such a desperate state? • Yet, they have no v…

Build or buy brands, not promote Ceylon Tea - MTI

The promotional funds for the tea industry comes from the CESS that is collected from the tea exporters. A significant part of this was spent in the last 2 years on sponsoring the Sri Lanka Cricket Team and now the decision to launch a global advertising campaign. Both these strategic decisions needs objective challenging and evaluation against strategic alternatives.  If you are Sri Lanka Tourism, do promote the country – because the customer first decides on the country and then the hotel. If you are Intel, do promote the ‘ functional ingredient’ because that influences the PC you buy, besides Intel has very deep pockets.  But, not if you are ‘Ceylon Tea’ because: The Customer first decides on the brand, in some cases the Retailer, not what’s inside the pack of tea. Against this backdrop, the proposed promotional campaign is the telling Customer (be it London, Moscow or Tehran) to walk into a Supermarket and insist on a brand that will have ‘Ceylon Tea Inside’ and then expect the supe…

People’s Bank unveils MTI-enabled strategic plan for future growth

The management of People’s Bank recently presented its five-year strategic plan for future growth to over 1,000 head office and branch network professionals, from different levels of the organisation. The plan ‘SP 16/20’ was formulated by MTI Consultants, in close collaboration with the staff of People’s Bank. The plan is based on MTI’s internationally acclaimed 8S Model and outlines key strategic initiatives that will help People’s Bank achieve its 2020 profitability targets and secure its position as the undisputed market leader in the financial services sector. Over the next five years, People’s Bank will continue to remain dedicated to empowering the people of Sri Lanka and as part of its mission the bank will continue to serve and meet the needs of its stakeholders including customers, owners, employees and society at large. At the presentation ceremony, MTI Consultants CEO Hilmy Cader officially handed over the first copy of ‘SP 16/20’ to People’s Bank Chairman Hemasiri Fernand…