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MTI CEO to deliver keynote at the CIM Future Marketer’s Conference 2015

MTI Consulting’s CEO Hilmy Cader will be delivering the keynote at the 4th CIM Future Marketer’s Conference organized by the CIM SL region students committee, which is scheduled to be held on 26th September at the Kingsbury Hotel. This year’s conference is themed on “The new age marketer” and cover presentations of topics such as the power of consumer insights and engagement, adding value to an organization and the 2020 digital marketing mix followed by a panel discussion comprising of CIM study center specialists. “The role of Marketing and therefore Marketers in the new-age domains (like tech, telecom, travel, e-commerce, financial services, entertainment) is markedly different to the role marketers played in conventional FMCG domains.  Marketers are now challenged to find their role in these emerging domains” said Hilmy Cader.
Hilmy Cader - MTI CEO

Toyota Lanka to globally roll-out MTI’s Competency Model

Toyota Lanka, having successfully launched MTI’s Competency Model in Sri Lanka, plans to globally roll-out this model to its international network.  Speaking at the Sri Lanka Implementation Launch of the Toyota Framework based on MTI Competency Model, Mr. Shungo Yoshioka - Managing Director, Toyota Lanka had the following to say, “Today our HR framework has been accepted by many countries in the Toyota Tsusho Group and I’m glad to see when they speak of HR, they speak of Toyota Lanka”. “Toyota Lanka has always been a pioneer in HR practices and thought leadership within the Toyota international network. This is yet another example of Toyota’s pioneering HR initiatives, which was developed and fine-tuned over the last 18 months, with the active involvement of the entire senior management, covering all functions” said   Mr. Manohara Atukorala - COO/EO, Toyota Lanka. MTI took a hands-on approach in this project from the business environmental scan to listening to the voices of the 4 C’s (Cu…